Vinyl siding offers many benefits to homeowners. Here are five of the most popular reasons you might consider this type of siding for your home.

Vinyl siding is a very popular choice for the exterior of your home. The benefits offered by this type of product are vast. There are a few benefits that really highlight reasons that this type of exterior is so popular. Here are the five benefits that make vinyl siding one of the best choices for your home.

Benefit #1 – Affordability. Vinyl siding is initially much less expensive than wood or bricks, and its affordability continues over its lifetime. Maintenance and repair costs are considerably higher for wood or brick.

Benefit #2 – Ease of Installation. Since many homeowners prefer to complete projects themselves, this one is a definite possibility for the handyman. While it may take some time to do on your own, it is completely feasible to consider doing this yourself. Wood is less forgiving and bricks require special skills and techniques. Consider having a few friends lend you a hand and you can have your home completely sided in just a few days (a long weekend is a good option.)

Benefit #3 – Reduced maintenance and increased protection. Vinyl siding is very easy to care for. You do not have to repaint it every few years and it can be cleaned with a simple garden hose. If a section needs repair, you can remove it and replace it without disturbing the rest. Unlike wood, it will not retain water. When wood retains water you are faced with rotting areas and mildew. Choosing the more carefree option practically eliminates the issue of rot and mildew.

Benefit #4 – Durability. Since you do not have to worry about your freshly sided house rotting and mildewing, you can appreciate the durability it offers. Your home will be protected for years without the risk of needing to reside it. Many manufacturers offer warranties which gives you even more confidence that you are making a great choice for your home.

Benefit #5 – Choice of color. Choosing a color for your home is not limited to exterior paint choices anymore. Vinyl siding comes in a myriad of colors, and it should not fade or become discolored. While painting your house allows you to choose a new paint color every few years, most homeowners end up repainting with the same color each time. With this product, you choose once and never have to think about it again.

It is plain to see that this type of exterior is a great choice for most homes. Obviously, there are instances when you might want a different exterior, but those times are few and far between. You can always have your home resided in a decade or two if you are tired of the color. Chances are that is the only reason why you would need it done at that point. If you are considering this type of product for your home, you should contact your building supply store or local contractor to obtain estimates.

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