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FLIR Camera

We use innovative technology to provide exceptional roofing services.

FLIR Camera

At Apex Restoration & Roofing, one of the reasons our roofing services stand above the rest is because of the innovative technology we use. For example, we use a FLIR E8 camera to identify pockets of moisture behind substrate, such as drywall or flat roofing. This allows our team to accurately locate roofing leaks and figure out exactly where water is infiltrating a home or business.

Designed for even the most rugged environments, the FLIR E8 camera features an onboard visible light that allows us to capture infrared images in real time. The result is an undiluted thermal picture that instantly clues us into where problematic heat patterns exist.

We also use CompanyCam to record when and where photos are taken and by whom. This innovative technology automatically sorts all photographs by the job site and instantaneously syncs them from where the roofer is located to a secure server at our office space. This technology provides numerous advantages, including the ability:

  • To store photographs taken using our E8 camera in one convenient location
  • For our team to quickly and easily track the progress of your roofing project as it moves forward
  • To go back to pictures taken and review them as necessary to devise project plans and amend them as necessary

Want to know more about the technology and tools we use to streamline our roofing processes and make repairs, replacements, and installations easier on our clients? Contact us at Apex Restoration & Roofing today to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives.