Gutter Repair Can Be Needed Any Season of the Year
It goes without saying that inspecting and cleaning your home’s gutters in the fall is a good idea because of the falling leaves and other debris. But, what you may not have thought about is that inspecting, cleaning, and even gutter repair should be on your home cleaning list throughout the year. Get in a habit of taking care of this each season for optimal results.

  • Spring – Winter weather in the Denver, Colorado area can be pretty severe at times, and all that snow and hail could have damaged your home’s gutters and/or downspouts. Take care of gutter repair early to avoid those spring rains causing erosion and roof damage issues.
  • Summer – During the summer, you need to watch out for severe storms that can result in needing gutter repair. High winds can pull a section lose, the gutters can get clogged with debris that has blown around, and hail can damage them.
  • Autumn – As already mentioned, getting those leaves out of the gutters regularly is vitally important. This is a good time to check that all is ready for the winter, too. If any sections are loose, they will likely be in even worse shape after the weight of snow and ice takes its toll.
  • Winter – Keep an eye out in the winter for any ice buildup that is damaging the gutters or pushing up under the roof shingles. If any of the gutters are experiencing icicles, it is a sign that the gutters are not working properly, and you should call for gutter repair.

Whatever time of the year it is, should you need gutter repair or replacement, give us a call at Apex Restoration & Roofing. We offer exemplary products and gutter repair professionals who are fully qualified to resolve your gutter issue to your complete satisfaction.