Keys to Flat Roofing Top Performance
It goes without saying that flat roofing is the most common choice for commercial buildings and can also have some residential applications. If your building has flat roofing, you know it can be problematic when it is in poor condition. It can be downright irksome to resolve leaks once they get started as water can travel from one area to another, making it challenging to find where the problem is. Rather than play the fix it and fix it again game, it might be better to learn how to maintain your flat roofing’s performance. Here are the keys to getting the best out of your flat roofing:

  • Drainage – There are many different drainage systems that should have been incorporated into your flat roofing. If the wrong one was chosen for your situation or it was not properly installed, there will be pooling water on your flat roofing that will lead to problems. The three most common drainage systems are interior drains, scuppers, and gutters.
  • Roof Decking – If the roof decking was not installed properly and is sagging, this results in water pooling there, which eventually rots the decking. If you see waviness along your roof, you should call in a professional to assess the decking to see if it needs to be replaced in areas to avoid water pooling.
  • Improper Slope – The name “flat roofing” is a misnomer as there is always a slight slope involved so that water can properly drain. If your roof was not built with a proper slope, it isn’t going to last. While this is usually a costly problem to fix, your roofing professional can tell you at what point it will become most critical to take care of it, so you know what to expect and can plan for the expenditure.

Here at Apex Restoration & Roofing, we can provide you with a free estimate for resolving any issue you may have with your Colorado building’s flat roofing. We have developed a great team of professionals with a dynamic range of experience that you can trust for honest answers regarding getting the most from your flat roofing. Contact us today to learn more!