When it comes to your home, most homeowners just accept the fact that there are things that happen in the construction of a building that don’t have a recognizable purpose. Some things are done according to laws and codes, and some things are done to promote eco-friendliness or energy efficiency. One of the things that you’ll see on almost any home, yet is rarely talked about, are gutters.

Gutters are a network of tubes and tunnels and pipes usually made from metal or aluminum whose sole purpose is to shift moisture and rainfall away from the base of a structure. Without gutters, you can run into a host of issues with your home, many of which can cause serious structural damage. Gutters keep water flowing away from your home, which can prevent flooding basements, moats forming all around your home, and damage to your foundation. Furthermore, without gutters keeping the falling rain or melting snow heading downwards, moisture can seep into and under your roofing shingles, causing leaks, mold, and other roofing damage. Gutters keep your foundation secure, making them the unsung heroes of your home!

If your gutters are damaged or clogged, you can experience many of the same issues that you would run into without gutters, but with a more concentrated force. Instead of experiencing issues all around your foundation, you may just see issues in the areas where your gutters are damaged. Gutters come in a variety of materials, colors, and budgets, and there are many options available if you need gutter repairs or replacements.

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