What You Need to Know About Roofing
Is your roof missing shingles, leaking, or just overall not looking good anymore? It might be time to look into your roofing options. Shingles can be replaced and leaks can be patched, and you will get great results if you hire a roofing expert. However, if your home is older and the roof has never been replaced, it might be time to consider getting a new roof. There are many benefits to installing a new roofing system.  Here are some of our favorites!

A new roof can significantly reduce your energy costs. The technology in roofing has come a long way and the materials used will insulate your home from the cold. Also, new cool roofing products allow heat to deflect off of your roof making your home much cooler in the summer. A new roof will also keep the temperature much more consistent in your home all year long.

A new roof is also much safer than an old roof. An old roof can have weak spots that can cause water to leak through, or that can even collapse if you walk on your roof. Additionally, an old roof is much more susceptible to water damage.  Water damage leads to mold and mildew problems that can make your family sick.  Finally, an old roof is much more likely to be damaged in severe weather conditions, like wind and snow storms. A new roof will help you avoid any of these things from happening.

Overall, new roofing just looks nice! It can completely change the look of your home. A new roof adds a lot of curb appeal and will even increase the value of your home. There are so many colors and materials to choose from, you can even use a few different materials on the same roof to add character.  Metal roofing is very popular right now and can give you a more modern look.  Shingles are always a great way to go as well.

No matter what your roofing needs are, call us at Apex Restoration & Roofing today, and we can help you figure out exactly what your roof needs.  We look forward to hearing from you!