your home needs new roofing

Staying on top of your roofing situation involves being proactive with regard to holding off other, possibly more expensive home repairs. A healthy roof keeps many of nature’s damaging effects at bay. That’s why it’s so important to know when your home needs new roofing. Watch for the signs that it’s time — they’re not too hard to spot.

Age wise, a good roof has an average life span of about 25 years. So, once it’s in its twenties, keep an eye out for the kinds of damage nature specialized in. If you have moss growing on your shingles, that’s a sure sign the roof’s getting near the end of its lifespan. In advanced stages, a mossy roof will sag a bit. The visual effect may be kind of pretty, but it also means your roof’s close to imploding, and that’s a financial nightmare.

Other signs will include curling, cracked or missing shingles. Less obvious signs include granules in your gutters, which you may notice while cleaning them. Or, if you’re cleaning your attic and can see sunlight peeking in through your roof from the inside, that’s a sure sign and you’re not safe there: get out of that attic and call us.

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